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Celebrate 5 years with Us

Muscat Private Hospital celebrates its 5-year anniversary since its official opening in November 2000.  As Oman’s premier private medical facility located in the rapidly developing and scenic area of Bausher, it can be proud of its achievements in private healthcare over the past 5 years.   A 72-bed General Hospital with first class out-patient and in-patient facilities with the majority of clinical specialties, setting high standards of healthcare for patients in the private sector, at affordable prices meeting the needs of both the Omani and expatriate community.  The prestigious hospital is owned by Oman Medical Projects Company and is managed by Allied Medical, part of United Medical Enterprises, an international hospital management group with more than 27 years of experience in the Middle East.

Since opening, Muscat Private Hospital has seen a steady growth in activities both out-patient and in-patient with over 4,000 outpatients per month and an average of 750-800 new patients per month.  The patronage of Muscat Private Hospital is 60% Omani and 40% expatriate. 

In summary, our services and quality standards achieved over the last 5 years providing distinct advantages to patients in the private sector can be summarised as follows:

¨        A premier facility with the latest “State-of-the-Art” technology including advanced Open MRI (only private hospital in Oman with this technology), C.T. Scan and modern delivery suites.

¨        Dedicated clinics for Well Baby, Well Woman and Well Man.

¨        Expertise in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, IVF, Orthopaedics, Neuro and Paediatric Surgery (to name a few)

¨        High quality standards of healthcare provision at affordable prices.

¨        Highly trained, qualified and experienced international staff with vision, integrity and excellence who work as a team to provide a ‘seamless’ service.

¨        Clinicians who seek to ensure that investigations and treatments consistently deliver best practice and only necessary procedures are undertaken.

¨        High customer service skills ensuring sensitivity, confidentiality and a friendly atmosphere.

¨        A modern hospital facility with a friendly, pleasant and attractive ambience.

New services to be launched with further advanced equipment include a dedicated Ophthalmology Clinic and the expansion of our Cosmetic Surgery Facilities.

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality healthcare services in the private sector to the Oman community.                      


Helping you Celebrate with Us

What fun is a celebration if there is no one to share it with? 

As it’s soon to be our 5 year anniversary we asked ourselves how  we could get others to join in the party. 

So we came up with 5 special offers and promotions to help you celebrate 5 years with us:

¨        Free Breast Exam Clinic (every Thursday from 9.00 till 1.00 and every Tuesday from 5.00 till 7.00)

¨        Free Dental Check-up Clinic (every Sunday from 3.00 till 6.00)

¨        10% discount on General Surgery

¨        Blood Donation Day on Nov. 26

¨        10% discount on Cosmetic Surgery

(Special offers until 31/12/05)


Be Aware, Show you Care

Muscat Private Hospital has been involved in Breast Cancer Awareness Month for the last 5 years and is proud to continue its support. 

This year, as part of the hospital’s Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign, more than 20 staff members from the hospital participated in the Breast Cancer Awareness Walk organised by The National Association for Cancer Awareness.  The event was a great success with more than 3,000 people of all different ages and nationalities taking part. Muscat Private Hospital donated 2 Well Woman Package coupons for the lucky draw. 

The month also saw the introduction of a free Breast Exam Clinic twice a week.  The clinic has been very well received and will continue until the end of December 2005.


Breast Cancer Awareness - by Dr. Rajee

Breast cancer is a growing health problem worldwide.  It is the second most common malignancy in the world, and the most frequent cancer in women.  Breast cancer ranks second among cancer death in women.  This causes great worry and concern for women.  Everyone knows at least one person who has been treated for breast cancer.

The incidence of breast cancer is on the rise and in the US, 240,000 new breast cancer patients are diagnosed every year, and approximately every 3 minutes a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer and approximately every 12 minutes breast cancer claims another life.  One out of eight woman is diagnosed with breast cancer.  Breast cancer also affects a small percentage of men, and about 1500 new cases of breast cancer are expected to be diagnosed in men next year.

In Oman, it is the most common cancer in females, that is 16.4% of all cancers in women.  The mean age is 48yrs (+/- 10), and 48% are pre-menopausal.  The patients present at advanced stage and in younger age group, and therefore there is lower survival rate as compared to the western counterparts. So the need for breast cancer awareness is very important, and emphasis on screening for early detection which will help in prompt treatment and better survival rate.  Today’s patients are much more likely to be able to resume a healthy and long life after treatment than women with breast cancer in their mother’s generation. Women should understand that there is no need to feel shy or have a social stigma if one has a breast problem. There should not be any psychological or cultural restriction to seek advice of a family physician for clinical examination of breast.

Nobody knows for certain why some women develop breast cancer and others do not. One should know that all breast diseases are not cancerous and never contagious, and it is NOT caused by stress or by injury to the breast. It is not related to black magic and not your “bad past”.

70-75% women diagnosed to have breast cancer do not have any known risk factors (see below)

It is not possible to prevent cancer from starting, but early detection in its very early stage can improve breast cancer survival rate and quality of life. Every woman should be breast aware and familiar with ones own breast, to recognize and seek help if there is a problem. Changes in lifestyle can also help in reducing the risk of being affected by cancer.


Breast Cancer: Risk Factors

Age: Older age does increase incidence  (40-80 years).

Personal history of prior breast cancer.

Family history of breast cancer especially maternal side. (While a history of breast cancer in the family may lead to increased risk, most breast cancers are diagnosed in women with no family history)

History of previous breast biopsy with diagnosis of atypical hyperplasia.

Weight: Obese or women with bulky breasts (especially postmenopausal).

Abnormal Changes in the breast

  1. Lumpiness, dense tissue or swellings. (The degree of lumpiness can vary, but only a small percentage of lumps are malignant).

  2. Rashes, scaling or discharge from nipples.

  3. Abnormal lump in the armpits.

  4. Abnormal skin changes on the breasts including puckering or thickening.

  5. Abnormal changes in the breast during pregnancy and lactation.

Menstrual history: Early menarche at 9-10 yrs (first periods) and late menopause – after 55 yrs.

Nulliparous (with no children) and women who have not breast fed (breast feeding at least for 3 months reduces risk by 15%).

Hormonal: Women on Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) or long term oral contraceptives.

History of radiation to chest (Hodgkins disease at younger age).

Lifestyle: Fatty foods, smoking and alcohol intake also increase risk.


Men should be breast cancer aware as well

Men with any lumps or abnormalities in the breast should seek medical consultation.

Research shows that though male breast cancer is rare, accounting for only about 1 percent of cases each year, men tend to have larger tumours and more serious cases than women even though male cancer is more easily detected. What is not known is if it is because male breast cancer is more aggressive or because men simply go to the doctor later than women.

Considering the low number, self-exam is the best method of detection as lumps are more easily felt on a man’s chest.


Open MRI Launch

The 5 year celebrations will see the  official launch of The Diagnostic Centre’s GE Signa Ovation .35T Open MRI .  The launch will be officiated by a top Ministry official and attended by physicians and healthcare professionals from both the public and private health care sectors.

The new system located at Muscat Private Hospital is the only Private Open MRI in Oman.

The new Open MRI scanner is designed not only to handle a typical patient mix, but to accommodate larger patients, patients who are claustrophobic, and others who have difficulty tolerating the close quarters of conventional MRI machines.

The MRI complements the existing GE HiSpeed CT/e Spiral Scanner which was launched just under a year ago.


Psychiatric Services

Muscat Private Hospital is proud to introduce Prof. Ala’Aldin Al-Hussaini,  who is a Neuropsychiatrist and Professor of Behavioural Medicine.

Professor Al-Hussaini brings to Muscat Private Hospital a wide international experience from UK, USA, Arab and Gulf States. With a special interest in epilepsy, which helped him gain a scholarship from the Fulbright Foundation in the USA, Professor Al-Hussaini has a wide and up to date experience in different methods of treating Neuropsychiatric disorders, resulting from yearly practice as a Consultant Psychiatrist in the UK and continuous training in local as well as international conferences. As a Senior Consultant, he attends to all kinds of referred patients from different departments and other hospitals from all over Oman. In these Clinics, Prof. Al-Hussaini sees general psychiatric problems of Adults with special interest in organic, Neuropsychiatric problems, the result of neurological or general medical complications.

Professor Al-Hussaini is available for consultation on a regular part-time basis at Muscat Private Hospital. 

To make an appointment phone 24592600 and choose option 6 from the automated menu

New Orthopaedic Surgeon

For the past 5 years Muscat Private Hospital has remained  committed to launching new services and equipment as well as expanding existing services.

With this in mind Muscat Private Hospital is pleased to announce the start of services by Dr. Mohammed Hassan Darwish as a part-time Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon.

Dr. Darwish will deal exclusively with spinal problems .

He will be holding a weekly clinic commencing Tuesday 15th November from 17:00 to 20:00.

To make an appointment phone 24592600 and choose option 6 from the automated menu.


Muscat Life Insurance & MPH Cooperation

For the past 5 years Muscat Private Hospital has worked in conjunction with many government agencies and private companies to actively promote private medical care in Oman.  In line with this Muscat Private Hospital has entered into a joint venture with Muscat Life Insurance.

The venture  will enable companies to ensure their staff have the advantage of excellent healthcare facilitates

at special rates, as well as assist in planning and reducing medical costs for their employees.

For more information call Maha Hajjar on 99412588 Sat - Wed 8 am to 6 pm.


Fire Training

For the past 5 years staff and patient safety has been high on our list of priorities.  With that in mind we have been conducting fire

training sessions for our staff so they know what to do in the event of a fire emergency. 

In the first 12 months there have been 4 training sessions with 120 staff completing the training provided by experts  from the Technical Trading Company who service the hospital’s fire equipment.

Fire training is just part of Muscat Private Hospital’s continuing  commitment to increasing health and safety awareness at work and in the community.


NiZwa Hospital – Annual Regional Obs & Gynae Seminar

Muscat Private Hospital was requested to conduct a scientific meeting at the Nizwa Hospital on Thursday, 8th September for their Annual Regional Meeting. The presentation was an “Update in Assisted Reproduction Technology”.  The seminar was run by Dr. Majida Al-Irhayim (Head of Assisted Conception Unit),

Presentations covered different topics such as: Guideline & Ethical Considerations in Assisted Conception (by Dr. Majida Al Iryahim), Ovulation Induction & Controlled Ovarian Stimulation (by Dr. Najwa Saif), Management of Various forms of Male Infertility (by Dr. Mustafa A. Nabi) and Laboratory procedures in Intra-Uterine Insemination & Invitro Fertilization (by Zainab Al-Saadeh)

The meeting was a great success and over 140 doctors and others attended the seminar which was very much appreciated by all from different regions such as Salalah, Sur, Ibra and others.

For further details please contact the Assisted Conception Unit  on 24592600 ext 2300 or direct 24597815


Staff News

Dr. Erik Kupers joined the Muscat Private Hospital team in March 2005.  He is a Senior Consultant General Surgeon

Dr. Kupers leads our surgical team and has vast experience as a consultant surgeon, leading surgical teams in the Netherlands, Germany, and the UK. He is a pioneer in the field of Minimal Invasive Surgery (keyhole surgery).

Dr. Kupers is an expert in:

¨        Abdominal surgery – keyhole surgery for removal of the gallbladder, appendix, hernias, haemorrhoids, stomach and bowel operations;

¨        Vascular surgery – minimal invasive treatment of varicose veins, treatment of ulcers on the leg and arterial obstruction;

¨        Breast surgery – removal of suspicious lumps and breast saving procedures;

¨        Trauma/Orthopaedic surgery – keyhole operation of the knee (removal of meniscus) and ankle. Treatment of fractures with metal implants (plates and screws, etc.) and hand surgery;

¨        Paediatric surgery – groin and umbilical hernias, undescended testes.


Save A Life Donate Blood

As part of Muscat Private Hospital’s 5 year anniversary and in conjunction with the Ministry of Health Department of Blood Services, the hospital is holding a blood donation day at Muscat Private Hospital on 26th November 2005 from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm.

Our aim is to provide support to the Ministry Blood Transfusion services that are available to all of us.

Please support this event by visiting the hospital and donating blood.


Muscat Private Hospital Facts