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Department of Dermatology

The Department of Dermatology offers a comprehensive state-of-the-art skin care diagnostics and treatment. The department provides a wide variety of speciality services in paediatric, surgical, medical and cosmetic dermatology. Our experts have extensive experience of treating all forms of disfigurements including skin cancers and melanoma to acne and skin related problems. Our skilled approach at skincare is bound to have our patients discover the gift of glowing skins.

Abdullah Al Taie

Muzna Saeed Mohamed Al Taie

A quick glance on Our Services

    Assisted Conception is useful in treating infertility, endometriosis, failed IUI etc. With our vast experience, at ACU, we specialize in treating patients who have had multiple failed cycles and we follow individual protocols according to the patient’s response.


    Anaesthesiology is a full service department that is available to respond to any surgical procedure, pain management, respiratory, cardiac arrest and obstetric coverage. Our primary goal is to provide the highest degree of care with primary emphasis on the patient’s safety and satisfaction


    The Cardiology Department provides the best of services in terms of accurate diagnosis and professional treatment


    The Department of Dermatology offers a comprehensive state-of-the-art skin care diagnostics and treatment.


    Muscat Private Hospital Emergency Care is manned by ACLS Certified post graduates, is capable of handling all type of emergencies

  • Endocrinology

    The Department of Endocrinology is committed to integrating their medical expertise and comprehensive care to treat all ailments emanating from diabetes and other endocrine-related disorders

  • ENT / Head & Neck Surgery

    The Department of ENT provides a full range of medical and surgical services for paediatric and adult patients ...


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  • Gastroenterology

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    The General Surgery Department is equipped with the latest technology and infrastructure, supported by an experienced team of surgeons ...

  • Internal Medicine

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    The NEUROVASCULAR/NEUROPHYSIOLOGY section is a newly built section providing all Neurophysiology diagnostics and Vascular Doppler Sonography for both Neurology AND medical imaging cases.

  • Orthopaedics

    The Orthopedic Center harbors the largest number of Consultants in the subspecialties of Orthopedic Surgery..

  • Paediatrics

    The Department of Paediatrics comprises of well qualified and experienced team of doctors


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    Cosmetic Surgery Department of Muscat Private Hospital provides customers with a professional and quality service, where their well-being is paramount.


    The Department of Radiology provides a full range of radiological services equipped with 1.5 Tesla 'open' MRI, low-dose 64-slice CT


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  • Women's Health / OBS Gynecology

    The Department of Women's Health Services offers the full spectrum of women's health care needs.

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